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Ruffled Feathers

Let’s face it. No one likes to put their junk on social media. I am no exception.

As far as you’ll ever know, my house stays rather neat, my desk is more often than not clear, and since I’ve already owned to not cooking much, my kitchen is usually clean.

I even get dressed on a regular basis.

This is actually not just my social “reality” . . . this “things stay pretty much in order” experience is one of the best perks of empty nesting.

But I do have a junk drawer. No, that’s not accurate . . I have TWO junk drawers.

And an entire junk CLOSET.

Sometimes we just need a hidden little space to put all the “I don’t want to deal withs” where they can hang with their “maybe one day”, “why am I keeping this” and “someone else’s problem” friends.

No one’s nest is complete without this corner so I’m putting mine here. No, not my actual junk closet . . . although I MAY do an upcoming report if I give in to my urge to KonMari.

RUFFLED FEATHERS will be the “messy nest” section of FILLING THE NEST.¬† It’s where all the junk goes. The random items or topics that just don’t seen to have a place anywhere else.

Part venting, part sharing, part soapbox, and hopefully part helping . . . no hidden agenda, although perhaps inspiring one less person to stop pluralizing using apostrophes.

On that note, if by chance you’re reading this around Christmas card season, before sending out yours, be sure to check out this PSA video I was too lazy to film, so props to my spirit animal. (notice I didn’t say prop’s or your’s)

. . .

So Stay Tuned!