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Birds of a Feather

My inner circle has heard for years about my table. Not my dining room table, not my kitchen table, not even my coffee table.

My imaginary table.

It’s my little fantasy dinner party where all my fantasy (famous and infamous) friends come together for a night of good food & drink and GREAT conversation. Think of it as my own little version of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.

To be invited, you have to:

  1. Be someone I want to look at
  2. Be someone I want to listen to
  3. Be someone everyone else at the table doesn’t hate

Sometimes my guest list is a little trivial, sometimes it’s important, sometimes it generates enlightenment, and sometimes it’s just eye-candy . . . but everyone who makes the cut brings me joy for one reason or another so why not put them all together for an evening.

Unlike the typical “celebrity dinner party”,¬† I have a huge list of lesser-knowns on my list . . . but they are stars in my eyes, so I’m letting you know in case you want them at your table, too.

In this BIRDS OF A FEATHER section of FILING THE NEST, I’ll be talking about my most favorite tablemates . . .the ladies who form the HEN PARTY and the gentleman of the ROOSTER ROOST.

. . .

So Stay Tuned!