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Now that I’ve waltzed past the quarter century mark of this little love affair with my husband, #poorkent, I’m doing some soul-searching as to what advice I could share when asked about the secret for a long-lasting marriage.

I’m pretty sure it’s separate remotes.

I mean sure, date nights and spending quality time together are up there, too, and while I’ll be mentioning some of the best shows we are totally addicted to as a couple (currently holding our collective breath until THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL returns), I can’t ignore the importance of allowing one’s spouse to indulge in their guilty pleasure uninterrupted.



For me, it’s the HALLMARK CHANNEL. And BRAVO. Oooh . . .  and RIVERDALE, although the whole “gargoyle king” story is totally jumping the shark.  And even though I only have time to watch maybe once a month, I still record the last four remaining soap operas, simply out of loyalty for the dying genre.



But Kent has Jeopardy. No, you have to understand . . . he has a LOT of Jeopardy. Like 20+ episodes in our recordings queue. And he has DEADLIEST CATCH or some other fishing/guy kind of show in which I am beyond uninterested.



I mean I “tried” to get interested . . . kinda like he sat through an episode of Riverdale with me. Once.

We both agreed we are totally ok – no we are MORE than ok – with me having “Chick Flick” time, and him having whatever the male equivalent of that would be.

I know it’s 2019 and I shouldn’t be compartmentalizing entertainment based upon gender, but I also just bought an overpriced razor because it was a pretty shade of lavender gray with a rose gold stripe, so what can I say?


A girl wants what a girl wants.


And lest my entertainment schedule not be balanced, from time to time I turn off the tv and pick up a good read . . . but you can bet it has a girly cover.


In this CHICK FLICKS & MORE section of FILLING THE NEST I’ll be sharing my girly guides to the best Netflix-binging and book-clubbing out there.


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So Stay Tuned!