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Fueling the Flock


Y’all . . . I really wish people would stop using that word out of context. Especially in reference to their new car, great job, latest vacation, adorable kids or super hot husband. And I REALLY wish they’d stop adding a hashtag to it.

{Padon me while I step up on my soapbox for a sec} . . .

Being blessed implies some sort of divine gift or intervention.

I just don’t think God stands around like Oprah shouting “You get a blessed life!” and “You get a blessed life!” and so on, picking and choosing at random, leaving anyone who wasn’t special enough to get tickets out of luck.

When it comes to marriage and family, if yours is in good shape, odds are you haven’t been blessed.

More likely it’s that you’ve been lucky, and you’ve undoubtedly worked hard.

You have persevered and you have probably prayed.

You may have stumbled, but you have gotten up.

You were born with tools you either chose to use or not. You were presented with opportunities you took advantage of or ignored. You jumped at the chance to become a better person . . .or you didn’t.

Here you are navigating the path set out before you, making freewill choices and hopefully sculpting something magnificent from the clay – the blessings – you were presented.

Now what you should be is #GRATEFUL.

. . .

If you’ve found this page looking for advice on MARRIAGE and FAMILY, let’s start with a disclaimer.

I know nothing. No really, I have no training or profound words of my own.

But I HAVE been lucky, and I HAVE worked really hard to build the life I love. I am incredibly GRATEFUL for the gifts and opportunities that I have been offered the chance to take advantage of, and it is my own fault when I have ignored them.

I have found, and continue to look for, wonderful tools and words of wisdom to get me through each stage of life, and I’ll be sharing them here.

Look to this FUELING THE FLOCK section of FILLING THE NEST for resources on MARRIAGE & FAMILY as you build, empty, fill, or just rearrange your nest.

So Stay Tuned!