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The (Not So) Empty Nest

Let’s get one thing straight.

Despite my last little bird being out the nest for almost three years now, I have never, EVER, even on my most relaxed and unoccupied day, felt like my nest was empty.

And maybe I shouldn’t call this an “Empty Nester’s Guide” if I haven’t actually experienced Empty Nest Syndrome.

But I’ve heard the talk, and I know there are are many of you out there trying to wrap your head around this new stage in life and wondering . . .

What will I do?   Who will I be?

So I’m here to tell you . .

You are already doing it  . . .and you are already being it! 

So take a deep breath, sit down, and reassess.

The only thing that has changed or will change is your perspective, and the realization that it’s ok to maybe push things around a little on your plate.

Your nest is likely fuller than you know. Your responsibilities may have shifted, or maybe they haven’t as you navigate the waters of kidulthood, since some little birdies leave the nest, but don’t necessarily fly on their own for a while.

Or perhaps you’re balancing that tightrope of parenting your adult-ish children AND keeping an eye on your not-so-young and restless parents.

The point is your plate is probably still a little loaded, but hopefully somewhere along the way, you stop and reassess your nest. There is still a little room left for YOU!

Your nest is not empty, it’s just not completely full. So fill it with the things that matter to YOU. It’s ok to to be a little indulgent, a little self-focused . . .because after all, it’s only a little part of your nest.

I for one am a happy girl when my plate is overflowing. This probably explains why at almost 50 I decided to get out of my comfort zone, leave my suburban housewife retirement, and start a blog along with 2 new jobs. Now I’m not saying you need to go that gungho with your approach to empty nesting, but there are probably a few areas and aspects you could tweak.

Take an interest survey of your life.

What do you find missing? What do you want to add? What have you been holding off doing, or trying?

Maybe take up a hobby or plan a great adventure. (I happen to know a wonderful travel advisor.) Maybe spend more time with family and friends, or go back to dating your spouse. Maybe get a new lease on life and a change of career path.

Or maybe all of the above.

Don’t be afraid to take on a huge task, jump into something with both feet, and take a little risk.

It is entirely possible and never too late to reinvent yourself.

I just did.

. . .

Look to THE (NOT SO) EMPTY NEST for my thoughts on the fillers in my overflowing nest. You’ll see everything from BUILDING THE NEST with stories of  HOME IMPROVEMENT & DIY to DEVILLED EGGS where I’ll share some ideas for DINING & ENTERTAINMENT. You’ll also find articles and resources about MARRIAGE & FAMILY in FUELING THE FLOCK, and finally I’ll be entertaining you with 3 of the biggest time and treasure occupiers in my nest, Beignet, Basil & Belle. . . my BIRD DOGS.

So Stay Tuned!