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The Rooster Roost

The future might be female, but there are actually more than a few good men still out there, and they are welcome at my table, too.

Much like I respect women who are strong, creative, and determined, I appreciate men who are loyal, driven, and balanced.

I am especially intrigued when the 2 form a partnership and stand the test of time, not that it’s a requirement to be invited to my table, but what can I say? I’m just a fan of commitment and couples.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate JOHN STAMOS who loves Disney almost as much as his beautiful wife and baby?

On this ROOSTER ROOST section of BIRDS OF A FEATHER on FILLING THE NEST, you will find some of the men who inspire me, entertain me, and enlighten me . . . as well as random “guy” things in case any of you are like me, and have a rooster who can’t dress himself.

. . .

So Stay Tuned!